Julius Caesar Part 1 of 2 -{ HD}  from Magdi0123210

Julius Caesar Part 1 of 2 -{ HD} from Magdi0123210

Year: 2018
Authors: Magdi0123210
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0 seconds 720 FROM : www.bluecrystals-inc.comthis is the second part LINK Caesar is a 2002 mini-series about the life of Julius Caesar. It was directed by Uli Edel, and written by Peter Pruce and Craig Warner. It is a dramatization of the life of Julius Caesar through 82 BC to his death in 44 BC. Source : Sisto as Julius Caesar, second Dictator for lifeRichard Harris as Lucius Sulla, Rome's strong man who disliked Caesar but ultimately paved the way for his DictatorshipChristopher Walken as Cato the Younger, ardent Republican who fought Caesar in the senate and the battlefieldValeria Golino as Calpurnia Pisonis, 3rd and last wife of Julius CaesarChristopher Noth as Pompey the Great, Rome's greatest General outdone by CaesarPamela Bowen as Aurelia Cotta, Caesar's motherHeino Ferch as Vercingetorix, Chief of the Arverni tribe of the Gauls who tried to stop Caesar's Gallic WarTobias Moretti as Gaius Cassius, led Pompey's fleet in Caesar's Civil War and prime plotter of Caesars murderSamuela Sardo | Cleopatra VII, Queen of Egypt and lover of CaesarDaniela Piazza | Cornelia, wife of Caesar and mother of Julia who died in childbirthNicole Grimaudo | Julia, daughter of Caesar, wife of PompeySean Pertwee | Titus Labienus, a lieutenant under Caesar, he defected to Pompey once he knew Caesar was marching on Rome; he died in the Battle of Munda, the last battle of the warPaolo Briguglia | Marcus Cato, son of CatoKate Steavenson-Payne | Portia, wife of BrutusIan Duncan | Brutus, senator and friend of Caesars who is the most famous for turning on Caesar and participating in his murderJay Rodan | Mark Antony, a cousin, friend, and military commander of Caesars who would eventually get revenge on Caesars murderersChristian Kohlund | Lepidus, Caesar's best supporter in the Senate who allied with Mark Antony after his murderDavid Foxxe | Pothinus, regent of King Ptolemy XIIIAnna Cachia | Atilia, wife of Cato and mother of Marcus CatoChristopher Ettridge | Apollonius Molon, Greek philosopher and teacherColin Maher | Casca, senator who was actually the first person to stab CaesarBrendan Hooper | Bibulus, son in-law to Cato who fought against Caesar in the warJohn Suda | Tillius, Senator and assassin of CaesarChris Gatt | Ligarius, Senator and conspiratorClive Merrison | Catullus, Roman poet who entertained CaesarDenys Hawthorne | Spurinna, soothesayer who warned Caesar of the Ides of March Comments:
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